PixWars 2

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    PixWars 2 Controls:
    Shift = walk, E = building mode, 1-2 = weaponsWASD = move, Mouse = aim / shoot / build, Space = jump,

    PixWars 2 is a fresh fun-addicting multiplayer online zombie-themed shooter combined with cool block images when you have to be able to survive on earth about World.

    That bloodthirsty immortal is merely about just about everywhere, and if actually, that is limited, other participants can also try to be able to blow their heads out using weapons or axes.

    Basically join a place, in addition, to start out taking pictures typically the junk out regarding the living dead or additional inhospitable players about your way. Along with vehicles you could get into, in addition to the prospect of accumulating wood to build security and bastion to be able to hide in or perhaps snare zombies inside.

    Have fun playing this free online game PixWars 2 on cookie clicker!

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